Thursday, January 9, 2014

Puttering, Design ADD, and Procrastination.

Well, things are starting to look normal again around here. 

Actually, I still have some bins of Christmas stuff out, that I need to finish packing away. 

Whenever there is a big mess in the house, such as when I am dismantling Christmas decor, I tend to ping -pong around the house, bouncing from one task to another, stopping occasionally to set up an entirely random vignette; (for some inexplicable reason) only to move on to yet another new task when finished. 

Design A.D.D. or Wild Hair Syndrome. 

Whatever you wanna call it, I KNOW I've got it! 

I am a spinning top, only stopping now and then to caffeinate. (Oh yea, like that's gonna help! Ha!)

The unfortunate result from all this whirling about, is that I have tons of things going at once. 

Some are ALMOST finished, say 90% complete, and others only 20% complete. 

I wish I could be more like my son, or the dog. They are both singularly focused creatures. 

In the photo below, however, they are both focused on relaxing in the warm sunlight.


And since I am sitting down procrastinating about finishing up the partially completed tasks around here, I thought now would be a good time to show you one of the gifts I received from my awesome sis for Christmas...

It's got my initial, and it is super cute black and white girly perfection!

I hung it on the side of my pantry wall with a clear Command Hook. 

I think it looks so cute there, and it's handy to grab when I am getting ready to make dinner. 

Which I am NOT going to procrastinate about tonight! 

I'll be back tomorrow to show you what I scored at the Thrift store. 

Thanks for stopping by! 



  1. I can so relate Lisa…I have so many "started" projects that just need to be finished…maybe I should change my "word of the year" to FOCUS…the older I get, the worse my focus is!!…so what is your excuse!!??? :)
    Love, love the pic of your son and the dog…just so precious!!!…He is getting to be quite the young man!

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