Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Past.

Hello again! I am so happy to be sitting down once again to my new little blog! I may have just figured out a way to make the pics I post larger. Crossing my fingers right now! I also can't wait to spruce up my (get a real) blog page, but that will come along very soon. Bear with the plain/ugliness along with me for a bit! ;-)

I found a few pics with our living room decorated for a Christmas past. As I shared in my earlier post, I simply ran out of time before finishing our living room this year. We left town a few days ago to spend Christmas with my parents, sister, her hubby and their two boys. So far, we are having a blast! Look for an upcoming post on some of my favorite things here in Nashville.

Because it's getting late, and tomorrow is baking day, I am going to make this brief. Here are the few pics I found of both the house outside, and inside in the living room. Keep in mind that it has been a couple of years. The tree is the same, but many of my accessories get changed and moved out. (I can't help myself!

Tree close up.
View of the tree and banister.
Front entry. My poor little fountain should be on. Bummer.
View of the lights by Mr. W. He does them slightly different each year.

Nope! Did not figure out how to enlarge my pics! Oh well. I will keep trying!
Two more days till Christmas, peeps!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

First Post. Our Holiday Home.

Well hello to all who may be reading my humble new blog! After procrastinating for ages about what to write for my first post, I have decided to let go of the notion that it needs to be this amazing, inspiring, beautifully written, perfect introduction, on a professionally designed fabulous blog page. I wanted a certain font, and the perfect combination of photos on my header... ahh, well...I decided to just post something, and iron out the details as I go.

I've spent the last few months planning how I wanted my blog to look, and first post to read. I have the perfectionist's paralysis! I decided, that since I like the way my home looks for the holidays, I should not wait until my fancy new blog page is unveiled. I need to go ahead and just put some pics up, and get on with it for heaven sake! So, here we go...

 Our front entry.

 Vintage sleigh full of snowmen.

This year has been a trying one, to say the least. Mr. W (the hubs) just returned from a deployment to Afghanistan. During that time, I was a single parent to the light of my life, my five year old son.

I had intended to start blogging as soon as Mr. W left, but found that by 9 p.m. every night, I was practically drooling on myself, I was so tired. So, now that all is right in my world again, I can shift my focus back to what I had wanted to start months ago.

We are spending Christmas away from home at my parent's house in Nashville. As I write this , I am sitting in my mother's kitchen while my son sleeps, and I am free once again to ponder what to write about, and share the few pictures I took this year, of a half decorated house before leaving to spend Christmas here with my family.

We live in southern California, where the weather, and the architecture of our home don't exactly coincide with my vision of what I really want the holidays to look like. In my head, I see an old house, full of character and architectural detail. A snow covered front lawn, and a stone path lined with luminaries, and evergreen trees dusted with snow.

In reality, I live in a warm climate, in a nice stucco house with a spanish tile roof and a yard full of palm trees. Mind you, I am not complaining, but it has taken me some time to reconcile the dream, and my current reality.

I was able to throw up some wreaths and greens on my front doors, and got my family room tree and mantel decorated for Christmas, but did not give it the focus I normally do. Mr. W returned home the day before Thanksgiving, and shortly after that, we left for a short trip to Chicago for some time alone together to reconnect. Upon returning, I was left with 10 days to finish up holiday preparations before heading down here to Nashville to celebrate Christmas.

In other words, not nearly as much got done in my holiday decorating this year. The living room tree, (she's a faux tree) stands naked except for her lights, and the banister that is usually adorned, is also bare.

Here is the family room, the tree has been nicknamed the airplane/flag tree. It pays homage to Mr. W's profession, and military service. It also holds all of the ornaments that we collect during our travels. etc.

 We all have these matching airplane stockings. ( I love planes too, as I am a former flight attendant.)
This crazy santa in an airplane is our tree topper for the fun family room tree.

 A little vignette with fresh greens on my antique drop-leaf table.

 My son's beloved fire engine ornament.

That's it for now! Thanks for stopping by! Please come back, and leave a comment so I know who you are! (Thanks Mom!) ;-)