Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shopping and Antiquing Around Nashville. Part 2.

Well hello friends! It has been a busy day already here at my house! My son went back to pre-school after the holiday break, and you know how crazy it can get doing the morning madness with small kids! I finally got him up, dressed, fed, lunch packed, hair done, in the car, and off to school! Phew...

Then I sat down and tried to caffinate while making lists, catching up on emails, reading blog posts, and generally fretting over the state of my own blog! I promise, I AM seeking professional help for my page set-up. I am NO tech wizard, and so far, I have set this up myself. (I know, it kinda shows! Ugh.) Oh well, onward I go!

Ok, so I hit save on my post ( because I hit a road block...which simply means that I am new, and don't know what I am doing,) so I decided to run errands. And like most moms, one thing led to another! Then it was dinner, bath, and bedtime for the kiddo. It is now WAY late, and I have finally smoothed out the glitch I hit earlier this morning. Phew again! :-)

So I am just going to pick up where I left off yesterday, showing you the rest of the cute places I like to pop in on when I am in the Nashville area.

Starting today with J.J. Ashley's. This is a fun store! All kinds of great furniture and accessories! Mostly new items, but they do have a few antiques and replicas thrown in the mix.

J.J. Ashley's 

Pretty winter arrangement in a dough bowl.

Caned settee. 
I almost drooled on this table, I loved it so much!

Cute little ceramic mice. 
Settee, and pillow. Love them.

Moving on to a store across the street, this sign was hanging outside, and I loved it! Unfortunately, it's NOT the name of the store, and I neglected to get a photo of the real sign...but this place has a lot of great antiques also. And, (No offense to the store's real name) maybe it SHOULD be named Scrooge & Marley... so cute! -Just sayin'!

The last two stores were Arbor Antiques, and Carter Antiques. Both on 2nd Ave. in Franklin, T.N.

I thought this was perfect for Nashville...cowboy boots, hats, and lighted sign that says SING! :-)

 Old first aid kit. I love these. Not sure why?

 Cute little vintage clocks. I have been wanting to start a little collection of clocks.
The vintage tortoise shell sconces were a pair, and they were much cooler looking in person.

Well, that's it for my little adventure in Franklin. Do check it out if you are ever there. It is well worth the time. 
I have lots of new posts planned for the next few weeks, and I am hoping to have a house tour up when the new looks rolls out. Lots of fun projects ahead too! Are you working on your 2012 to do list also?



  1. What a fun shopping tour you took us on! I am drooling over that table, too. I also like the emergency kit. It would be a fun collection.

    Happy New Year to you and the family!

  2. Thanks Kris! I was just telling Mr. W about how amazingly talented you are making all those intricate quilts! I lack the math brain to be able to do that!
    Oh, and I would need to get my (new 10 years ago, and still un touched) sewing machine out of it's box, and really learn how to use it! Ha!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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