Monday, April 16, 2012

Power Tools Cure Ping Pong-ing!

I think I have the solution to my ping pong-ing ways...

Power Tools.

More specifically, my Black and Decker Power Drill. 

Who needs A hubby or a handyman? Not this girl. Not this week anyway. I guess I shouldn't get crazy. There are certainly lots of things in the home improvement arena that I just don't want to tackle on my own. Even with my new BFF. (My drill.) There's something to be said for watching your man, (or a hunky carpenter,) swoop in and take care of some things on the GIANT to do list. 

Remember how I shared my Ping Pong-ing tendencies with you on Saturday?

Well, on Sunday, I started taking on the un-finished projects list. First up was the old screen door remnant that I had to figure out how to hang without making holes in the front or back.

I was wandering through Tar-jay one day, and I had a genius idea...
Yep. Good old Robe hooks. I needed something just the right width, so I could slide my wooden screen door remnant right through the hooks from the side.

Here's how I did it.
 While the hubs was gone yesterday, I got out the drill and the hooks I had purchased. Because I NEVER measure or use a level, it's best not to have him around, as this habit of mine kind of bugs him. Plus, let's face it, I would have had to BEG, nag, and plead with him to hang it, and then deal with the grumpy aftermath. (Still love ya honey. ;-) hehe.) This was just so much easier!

One hook on the top, Hold up sign with one hand, make pencil mark underneath on wall with other hand, and VIOLA!!!! 
 We have success, people! Yay!! (P.S. I did get out the level AFTER I hung it to make sure it was perfectly straight. Guess what? It was! Hehe!!)

 It just slid right in there, and fit like a glove. Honestly, I could not believe that I got this right on the FIRST try!

 Now I just need to find some other things to hang on either side to add some interest or color. I'm not sure about the manzanita brach above it. We will see if it stays, based on what else I find for the sides.

 Problem number 2 on my list was the too low lamp shades in my bedroom.
I just needed something to raise the lampshade up a little bit so that the lightbulb would not show from the top of the shade. 
While I was hanging the hooks for the sign, I had an epiphany. DUH! Electrical tape. So darn simple.
So, I wound it around the lamp base under the socket to form a lip to hold the shade up higher.
 Shaahhh!! Totally worked!

 Sometimes a crude method is all you need.

 See, this was my problem before... you could see the darn bulb! (not to mention the silver lining of the shade, which needs to be a different color.)
 I did the same thing on Mr W's side of the bed. Now we have two lamps with no lightbulbs showing. Now I just have to embellish those plain black shades. But this post is about ACCOMPLISHED tasks, so forget I mentioned that!


I also hung and or adjusted 3 other things while I had the drill out, and I did a fun little project in my ugly outdated laundry room. I will share that with you later this week!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
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  1. I love how you used those hooks to hold up your sign. Ingenious! Megan

  2. Lisa,

    I love how you hung this! Those brackets are the perfect solution! More "power" to you!


  3. Such fabulous solutions! And I love that it ended up being level with out the use of a level! So brave of you ...



    P.S. And thanks for the lovely comment on my blog about my pillows. And absolutely Kari at Thistlewood Farms would be my Ethel. Or maybe I'm her Ethel. I fear that we may be two Lucys ...

    1. Brave...or ridiculous? Ha! :-) I guess it worked so I have renewed confidence in my "eyeballing" technique!

      I am cracking up at the thought of you two and the pillow conveyor belt!!

  4. Great job. Always is nice to find good solutions and get things off the to-do-list! Good for you!! Love you, Mom

  5. Hi Lisa, visiting your blog. Small world.

    1. Great to see you today! Thanks for checking out the blog! I love yours, and am following!

  6. Replies
    1. Wow! Thanks Karah! You just made my day!!! Woo-hoo!!
      :-D xo-Lisa

  7. Now if THAT isn't the most clever idea!! I'm speechless...and that takes some doing. ;)

    1. Haha! Thanks Beth! Every now and then, inspiration strikes! :-)

  8. You go girl, it worked and looks great :)


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