Sunday, April 29, 2012

This Week's Thrifty Finds.

It's just another manic Monday, and I have a zoo field trip with my son and his pre-school class scheduled for today. 
Tell me that I'm not the only mom who does not get excited for these little outings? One the one hand, it IS fun to see the kiddos learn and discover new things, but on the other hand, it's a day that he would normally be at school for a few hours, but now I am involved, and there is no school. 
Don't most stay at home mom's of pre-schoolers relish the 3 hour break 3 times a week that school provides? Um, no? Just me? I think not! Anyhow, I'm sure it will wind up being fun, right? :-)

On with the show...I found just a few things on my thrifting outings this week.
 If you've read my blog for any length of time, then you know my thing for ironstone...I found this creamer at the GW for 59 cents! Yeah, baby!
 I also found these cool art nouveau architectural pieces at GW. They were copper, and I sprayed them with my go- to Rustoleum Rustic Mist metallic spray paint. Seriously, I am ready for my check from Rustoleum now! ;-)
They are about 10 inches each, and I only paid $1.99 each!

 This wall basket was a local antique store find. It's not old, but it is second hand. I paid $5 for it. I had some little ivy plants that I brought home from the nursery today, so I was just playing, and stuffed them in with some burlap garland, just to get an idea of what it would look like with greens in it. I think I will use this in a client's house that I am working on right now.

It looks kind of cute with the burlap mixed in, but I will use something different when I fill it for my client. Just wanted to play around while I was taking pics.

And finally, my favorite thing, I think...
Cute little locker basket, bought for $15 at a local consignment store.
I love it!
So, that's my loot so far...
I'm sure I will find more treasures this week. I'm planning on hitting the Wednesday flea market at the fairgrounds in Ventura.

Ok, well, I am off to learn about the animals with my son on the zoo field trip!
Have a fantastic week!
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Sneak Peek at Something New.

~ Happy Weekend! ~

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend with your family and friends. 
I thought I would give you a little peek at the new pillows I found for my family room yesterday.

I have been looking for replacement pillows since changing the window treatments in there recently. I needed to be sure that I find something down filled, since my couch is brown leather, and down pillows tend to stay put much better on leather, than regular poly filled pillows.

Here's what I found...

 They have all of the colors I was looking for to compliment my new ikat curtain panels.

 I also found a textured coral pillow for the love seat.

See you Monday. I'm going to enjoy some time with my family.
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Remember To Live.

I am coming up on the 3 year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. (Some time soon, I may do a post about it.) I had surgery, followed by 6 months of chemotherapy. It was a HUGE life changer, to say the least.
That's me at USC Norris Cancer Hospital in Los Angeles. This was after my surgery. I am sparing you a "real" look, and sharing just a glimpse instead.

It's interesting that even though I have been through so much, and I know how suddenly life can change, I can still get caught up in the day to day craziness of life, without realizing that I am failing to stop, and take time to enjoy all of it! So as I come up on this milestone anniversary, I am taking some time to reflect, and take stock of my life now. I am so grateful for my good health. I will re-focus, and make adjustments, where my life is out of balance.

You see, lately I've been feeling a little overwhelmed, over taxed, and over scheduled. I need to get off the gerbil wheel, and make sure that I take some time to stop and really LIVE.

I realized today, that I have alluded to this feeling of things getting a little crazy in at least two of my recent posts. Yesterday I had BIG plans to "finish" one of my projects, so I could cross it off my to do list, and also so that I could post about it. 

Now, as much as I LOVE blogging, and I DO love blogging, it comes with some added pressure to "produce". 

Today was western day at my son's pre-school. My husband was home as well. Normally, I take advantage of that, and let Daddy take the little guy to school. (Daddy is gone a lot, so it's nice to let him have the time with the little guy, and it gives me a small break.) ....But, this morning, wearing his cowboy gear, he looked soooo cute, so I decided to ride along, and just soak in the moments. Our son is five, and it's going so fast! 
 He brought his horse, "Jingles." 
 Mr W and I agree that we won't show current pics of his face on the blog. Bummer.
 But I am allowed to use the blurry ones.

We adopted our son internationally, and I also may post about that at some point. Or not. I haven't decided yet. 
It has FLOWN by. I know that all parents feel this way. He's our only child, so I am really hyper aware of just how quickly it's going, and that these are the moments that I will always cherish.
 It was close to Father's Day, so I think that is what the sign is all about.
We took Mr W's (and my former) employer, to pick up our son, and bring him home.
 My first glimpse of our sweet boy.
Asleep on day one.
 After a nice warm bath.
I can't believe how small he was, and how fast it's all gone!

Today I am going to work on my projects for a while, and then I am going to the gym. For me.
We hare having some friends over tonight, and I am going to try not to be too spastic about getting the house perfectly cleaned like I normally would. After all, there will be three boys age 5 and under, playing and making their huge boy mess. Any crumbs on the floor will be lost in a sea of toys in a matter of mere minutes.

So, as a note to myself...Remember to live. Today. Everyday. Be present. Smile. Laugh. Love.
Have a great weekend!
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let There Be Light!

~ Happy Thursday! ~

I have been on a quest for the perfect floor lamp/reading light to use by a side chair in my living room for the last few months.  It needed to be a bronze finish, since that would blend best with my current furnishings. 

I have seen some really nice examples of what I would like at Pottery Barn, and Restoration Hardware, but they wanted a lot more money than I was willing to pay. 

So I did what I usually do, simply stalk the discount stores until I find what I am looking for! :-)
Well, it worked! I have been keeping my eyes open at Home Goods, Marshalls and TJ Maxx for a while now. Finally yesterday, I scored EXACTLY what I was looking for, and I only paid $69! (Far less than PB or RH wanted for a similar model.)

 I like the goose neck, and the pull chain.
 The oil rubbed bronze finish is perfect for that room.

 And, it's just the right height too!
 Sorry for the gloomy looking pictures. This room is usually filled with sunshine, (it has THIRTEEN windows), but it's been raining for the last two days, so it's not very good for taking nice photos. 
I love it when I get to cross things off my list! 
My to do list is longer than my arm! I know I'm not the only one! Do you feel like you take one step forward, and two steps back some days? I've been feeling that way lately.
I have to get moving on the curtain panels and bunting in my little guy's room, so I think that I will focus on that today. 

Yesterday, I spent half the day shopping for and loading in some accessories for a client/friend of mine.
I still have lots to do there, and then we have some shopping to do for furniture in her living room as well. 

I am trying to keep up with the blog, my family, carve out an hour a day to work out, and do what needs to be done around the house as well.  My apologies for not posting yesterday. I promise to be back with more fun projects in the next few days. 

I hope you are having a great week!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Throw Me a Pillow!

Ok people, today's post is dedicated to pillow talk!

Just in time for the Pillowpalooza link party going on over at my girls' blogs, Karianne at Thistlewood Farms, Linda at it all started with paint, and Andrea at The Cottage Market. 

Fun, fun, fun! I am a pillow addict! Throw me a pillow, and I'll find a place for it! 
Today I thought I would share my favorites with you. Most of these were purchased retail, some were thrifted, some acquired at an antique store, and others were embellished by yours truly!

Since this is pillow talk, let's start in the bedroom. :-)
I have a mix of purchased, thrifted and embellished pillows in here. 

 These pillows were painted, and then embellished with burlap rosettes by me. Read this post to find out how I painted them, and this post to find out how to make a burlap rosette.

 This tan fabric and black velvet pillow cover looks as though it was custom made. I found it in brand new pristine condition at the GW. I bought it for an unbelievable $1.99!! I brought it home, washed it and hung to dry, then stuffed it with a down insert.

 I love the mix of patterns and textures.

Moving on to the living room, I love this burlap ruffle pillow I found at Home Goods recently.

 Must be the texture thing again! ;-)

Not too long ago, I wrote a whole post on my living room transition, and how it all started with pillows.
This is an extra long Ralph Lauren ticking stripe pillow, also from Home Goods, along the back of the sofa.

And these paisley beauties were what inspired me to rip the old slip cover off my sofa, and start fresh with light fabric. I found these paisley pillow covers at one of my friend's booths at a favorite local antique store. I am still working on what fabric to use on my sofa. Currently it's waiting in the muslin that is under most slip covered couches, but I need something a bit more durable. I am torn between off white chenille, and canvas drop cloth or duck cloth. I will have a decision very soon!
Your thoughts or suggestions on this would be most appreciated! Has anyone used canvas drop cloth and taken it to an upholsterer to recover a furniture piece? I'm leaning towards that. It's super cost effective, and has that great linen look. Don't be shy, tell me what you think!?

 This pillow is another Ralph Lauren down filled Home goods find. I have it's mate in a chair in the family room.

 I think the paisley pillows look nice with my brown leather club chair in the living room too!

And finally, here are the last two pillows I have to show you in my family room. I love this Pottery Barn pillow with the french phrase that actually means copper smelter. Uh, really Pottery Barn? Hehe.

Good thing it's so cute, and I did not know what it meant until I googled it! :-)
I have the other down filled Ralph Lauren pillow behind it.

So that's it then! I am a true pillow addict! What about you? Are they your decorating weakness too?

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...And have a GREAT day! See you tomorrow!
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