Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Barstools, and Pantry Organization.

Happy Saturday, everyone! It is going to be a pretty day here in So Cal. 70 degrees and sunny. The first half of the day I am taking a dear friend for a spa pedi and lunch. She is getting married next week to such a great guy. So happy for them both!

My plan for later in the afternoon consists of organizing my pantry. I know, whoo-hoo! (I'm getting ca-ra-zay!)

Yesterday I asked Mr. W (dragged him) to come to Ikea with me to pick up some barstools I had picked out a few months ago. Let me just say, that I have tried MANY different stools in here over the last several years. They have ranged from $400 stools (so beautiful, but still wrong) to the ones I finally settled on, which were a whopping, - get ready for it...$59 each! SHAAAAHHH! I am doing the dance of joy! I love them. They are perfect. So perfect, in fact. that we bought the matching chairs for the kitchen table also. Now, I'm not normally the matchy-matchy type, but they compliment my cabinets perfectly.

 I like that the backs are curved, and so is the island. With a 5 year old, running around, I don't need anything that sticks out.
 I also wanted something with a low profile back that would scoot as far under the counter as possible.
I painted my oak cabinets a few years ago, and they are a greenish tan. The new stools and chairs are antique stain that just goes beautifully. I am over.the.moon! 

You can't really tell in full sunlight, but the island is painted a color called Toasty, by Sherwin Williams. It is a definite contrast, which does not show here. It's sort of a rusty cinnamon color.

The pantry is getting a complete re-do today. I may even bust out my label maker. Hehe. I found some BPA free plastic containers to house dry goods in my pantry. I have glass containers right now, and I am always worried the little guy (or the big one) will drop one and get cut. Here's what I wound up with...

I will be back with a quick before and after. 

Have a great Saturday!



  1. over the moon is right!!!l


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  2. I want to paint my oak cabinets so bad.. gotta talk my hubby into it :)
    Looking forward to the reveal on your organization!
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