Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's Flowers, and A New Shelf in the Master Bath.

Hello everyone! Are you as glad to see Friday as I am? Luckily, I received some beautiful flowers this week from Mr. W. Tulips, one of my favorites. I am not so much for the traditional red roses on Valentine's Day. There are so many other flowers I enjoy more. I also snipped a camellia from my yard. I like to float them in a shallow dish or vase. This week I used a leaf dish that was one of my 49 cent thrift finds.

Pink and red, for Valentine's Day.

A few weeks ago I bought an interesting corner shelf for my master bathroom, and I have been playing with different vignettes on it, so I thought I'd share it with you today. Here's the way it looks this morning...

The light is not good in that room until late afternoon, too harsh for morning photos, but you get the idea. The faux topiary on the top shelf will be replaced today by a real plant. Just need to find the "right" one.
 One of my vintage creamers, filled with shells. This one is a Steubenville pottery piece, (named for the town in Ohio, which is also hometown of one of my dearest friends).
 Glass container full of rocks and shells I have pulled from the beach. I shared with you earlier this week, about my slight obsession with collecting things as I walk the beach. Seriously...they are
 I found this strange little bird statue in an antique store, though I don't think it's very old. It reminds me of the birds on the beach, like killdeer.
 Old coral and shells on various shelves.

 These were all found the same day on the beach in Carpinteria, CA. One of my favorite area beaches. There is a great little town filled with shops, restaurants, and antique stores lining the main road to the beach. It is lovely.

 It's an odd little corner, and until I decide to either remove the huge gross builder mirrors, and replace them with smaller, or frame them out, I think that this corner shelf helps to break it up a bit.

 I also bought some new monogrammed towels for over by Mr. W's sink.

Here is a shot of Mr. W and I when we were dating, we met while I was a flight attendant. He is still there, I am now a proud stay at home mommy. Funny...I always swore that I'd never date a pilot! Be careful what you vow never to do! ;-)

Have a fabulous weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by!
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  1. What a beautiful couple you two make :)
    Tulips are my favorite flowers too (well one of them)
    thank you for your visit, I am so happy to hear you are cancer free, congrats!
    I have so much more energy now that I am eating better.
    Take care

    1. Thanks Kristin! You are so sweet. I've been following you for a few months now, and love what you've been doing in your bonus room/office. What a nice transformation! All of your hard work certainly shows. Your home is beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you come back soon!

  2. You always have the best displays! I love the colors and textures. Thanks for the inspiration.


    PS I am your newest linky follower!

    1. Ohmygoshhh!! I feel like a million bucks to receive a compliment like that from you! You are so incredibly creative, it's would be intimidating if you were not so sweet, funny, and self deprecating! Loving everything about you and your amazing thistlewoodfarm, and you know I'm gonna get right on linky now and go to your blog! You're the best! Thanks for the visits and comments. It means a ton to a newbie techno goof like me, who's just muddling her way into blogland.

  3. Hi! Yes, I'm happy it's friday and that I found your blog. I'm a new linky follower.

    You and your husband are a very good looking couple.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  4. Hi Sharon! Nice to meet you! Thank you for becoming my latest follower! I hope to see you back here often!
    And, thank you for your nice comment about the photo of the hubs and I. That was taken, ahem..a few years back when we were dating. Hopefully we have not changed too much, but time does march on, doesn't it?! :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Stopping by from the Linky Follower Party Hop!

  6. I love your story with your sweetie, you are a beautiful couple. And your right, never say never! Lol I have been linky followers blog hopping for two days and I am loving it. I have met so many amazing and talented people like you. I am now following you on linky and would love a follow back.

    My Turn (for us)

    Thanks, I so enjoyed the visit


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