Saturday, March 10, 2012

Flea Market Finds

Yahoo! It's the weekend, the hubs is home, and the weather is gorgeous! We are planning a beach visit today, to one of my favorite SoCal beach towns. I promise to post on this later! It is a charming town, with great little shops, and a beautiful beach.

This week I went to a little flea market at the Ventura County fairgrounds. It's a really small flea market, free to park, and get in, and it's just a fun little thing to do on a Wednesday morning. It takes place every week.

I always run it to people I know, that are either shopping or selling there. My days as an antique dealer, and also working in different local antique shops helped form many friendships with a lot of fun dealers and customers. After I was finished chatting, I did some shopping, and left with a few great bargain finds!

Here are my treasures...
 Lovely English Ironstone Soup Tureen. (Royal Semi Porcelain John Maddock and Sons)
I loved the shape of this tureen, and the detail on the handles. These can be quite expensive in antique stores, but this one had a chip on the lid. I snagged this baby for $3!! YES! I said THREE bucks! 

 If you look closely at the top left of the lid (about 11 o'clock) you will notice the fairly large chip. This just does't bother me, as I have several other tureens to serve from, so I will use this for display, or remove the lid and plunk in a nice plant wrapped in burlap for spring. 
 It was filthy when I bought it, but it sure is gleaming now!
 I also found this lovely English yellow ware bowl. I'm not sure this one is very old, or of much value, but again I was able to get this one for only $3!!
 I just thought it was too pretty to pass up.

 Well...I just looked online, and there is a wide variety of pricing on this bowl. Let's just say I got a good deal! ;-)
 Finally, I found a really cool pair of old antlers. I know that in other parts of the country, these are a lot cheaper, but they are not easy to find for a steal here in Cali. The dealer was asking $15 for the pair, but I was able to get them for $12. Not too bad. I am still looking for some vintage mounted Roe Antlers. No luck yet. :-( 
 These are fairly large, and old.

Not bad for a quick stop at the flea market!
Have a great Saturday!
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  1. Awesome finds! My hubby is a deer hunter,oh my goodness we have lots of horns around here but I've never used them in decor, I need to try it. Our garage is full of deer heads and that is where they will stay ;)- Before we built our house, we lived in a mobile home for a short time and we actually had a deer head hanging over our bed, now if that isn't redneck! Thank goodness things have changed!

  2. Haha! Yeah, I don't want deer heads in my house either! I feel bad, and I can't look at their little faces. :-( I know it's very in style now though. Mostly vintage taxidermy. Not really my thing. I guess it's the animal lover in me.
    You are funny! Have you started your big kitchen cabinet painting project yet?


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