Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Little Slump, Another Little Project, and a Collection.

HI everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous week. Sorry I was nowhere to be found yesterday. Truth be told, I am in a little bit of a slump. I have been putting so much time and energy into projects and posts for the blog, and then last week when I lost the content on my external hard drive, it kind of took the wind right out f my sails. I feel like my blog and I lost momentum, and I am a little bit bummed out. I have also been waiting on results for a test I had last week, and though the preliminary results look good, I can't totally exhale until I receive the full doctor's report. (I think that is pretty normal for a cancer survivor.)  But, because I am not one to wallow in a funk for very long, I am back, and coming out swinging this morning!  Today I am going to show you another little project that I was able to do the other day, while I was working on my burlap frames.

I have had this antique piece for a while now, and it hangs at the top of my staircase. It is a servant's bell call - type thing. (Yes, I just named it myself!) Anyhow, it has a little circular spot at the top that, at one time probably contained some kind decorative finish piece. The empty circle has always bothered me. Details, details. That's where I live! ;-)

While I was playing with the burlap and cardboard for my frames, I decided I would make a little temporary fix for the empty spot, until I find some perfect old architectural piece that fits. You KNOW I have a picture in my head of exactly what I want... Since that may take a while, I went ahead with the little project for now.

Here's the servant's bell call thing-y. ;-)

 Pretty cool, huh? Too bad I don't have a library. :-(
 See the GI-NORMOUS empty spot?
 I made a little cardboard and burlap fix with our last initial.

 That little stand was a "temporary" piece of furniture until I found the right thing....that was 10 years ago. I really have had my eyes open...just have not found exactly what I want. Maybe I should focus on it a little more, but there always seems to be something else more important.

 The leaf plate hanging on the wall is part of a little collection of Syroco vintage plates. I just really like the texture of these. As I have said before, I am a texture girl. If the lighting were better, you would be able to see the veining on the leaf, creating that texture that I love.
 Here's another with either lotus or lilly pads...not sure which.
 I liked the swirl on this one.
And another floral. I suppose these would look so much better if they were on/in a fabulous old bureau  or etagere. Ah, well. I will keep looking. It's like the forgotten zone. Do you have a forgotten zone in your home? Please tell me I'm not the only one!
Hoping you are all having a fantastic week!!


  1. Lisa, praying that you get the results soon and that everything is okay. As you know, we too are waiting on pins and needles, so I know how you feel. Love your antique pieces, and the addition of the W button is perfect.

  2. Thanks Lauren! Been thinking of you! Praying that you get GOOD news soon. I have quite a few books that may be of interest to your daughter, regardless of the outcome. They have certainly changed my life for the better, and made me feel like I have some power over my health! Keep me updated!


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