Thursday, March 22, 2012

One New Thing, and Everything Moves.

Hi everyone! Yesterday I hit the Wednesday Ventura County Flea Market. I love this little market. I always find something...but there's a slight problem with that...
Did you ever stop to consider the ripple effect of bringing one new thing into the house? Granted, for me it's a happy problem, but still. When I find something great that I want to incorporate into our home, I often find myself moving lots of other little things to new locations. It's the domino effect! For me, this is what keeps me from getting bored with the way the rooms look, but it always takes some time until I finally settle on my various new arrangements of things.

Look what I found yesterday!
I have been starting to look for vintage oil paintings for our home. I love the detail and the history of them. I find myself wondering who painted them, and who's home they lived in. When we first moved into this house almost 11 years ago, it was my feeling that old things would not mix well with the California new home vibe of this place. So I bought and sold antiques as a dealer, but kept very little for my home. I could just KICK myself now! I have completely changed my mind, and I've decided that I need to start surrounding myself with the things that I love, and that bring me joy when I look at them. Since I can't live in an old farmhouse, I'm going to start bringing more things with history into my new(ish) build home. I am really inspired by a few of my favorite bloggers that have gorgeous old oil paintings and antiques incorporated into the decor of their homes. (Which may just inspire yet another post to feature some of these talented ladies homes!)

This painting makes me want to take a stroll on that path. So pretty. I got this for less than HALF of what the dealer was asking at the beginning of the day! He started at $125, and I bought it for $60! I love everything about it.
Right now it's hanging in my entry, which is also waiting for just the right bench where the iron candle holder stands now. A few weeks ago I bought the ceramic riding boot umbrella stand. I stuffed some twigs in it until I am able to dig up some cool vintage umbrellas.
Here's the thing, though... Once I moved what was hanging on that wall to put up the painting, the vignette on the demi lune table had to change...hence the domino effect. Here's how it looks this morning, but don't get too attached, cuz it's probably gonna change again. Hey, that's just how I roll!

Some old books between grape bookends. And I always have nuts, feathers, pinecones, rocks, or twigs around on tables. In fact, I could probably do a whole post on it. I am obsessed with these little natural elements. I am forever picking them up when I find something interesting.

This bronzed shoe was worn by my mom as a baby.
 I just love it.
A few close ups.
Of course we have a few vintage aviation boks around here.
I like this vignette for now, but as I said, I will most likely be tweaking it again soon.
Hope you are all having a fantastic day!
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