Thursday, May 17, 2012

What's That? I Can't Hear You Over the Jet Engines in my Kitchen! Our Kitchen Update.

Hello! Hope you are all having a fantastic week! 

I am writing this post from the slight discomfort of my half demolished kitchen. Yes, I know I could go upstairs to my office, but my son wanted to play with his toys in the family room, and he wanted me to come downstairs with him. 

We have a much larger tarped area than we did yesterday morning, and two HUGE fan boxes that sound like jet engines (as a former flight attendant, I should know) while they are running. There is one is the contained, "wet" area, and one outside the contained area. We were told they need to run for two solid days. A crew will return on Friday am to scrub, (basically just clean out with bleach and water, I think,) and then the tarp can come down, and the fans will be gone!  

My son was looking in closets this morning, for "the headphones of daddy's I use when we are on the airplane." (Mr W sometimes gives him his Bose noise canceling headset to borrow when he's watching his DVD's.) Poor KID cant even stand the noise! *Unfortunately for me, he just makes LOUDER siren noises to compensate somehow! Haha! Oh well.

Are you ready to see? Brace yourself, there are a lot of photos...
This is looking in from the formal dining room doorway. Basically, what is tarped off is the former pantry wall, and all of the eat in kitchen space. The tarped area is approx. 6 feet deep in the shallow area in the foreground, and 8 feet deep at it's widest point as is goes toward the family room. 

 The tarp extends from floor to ceiling.
 Pretty, huh?
 We also have the lovely rose/brown colored paper taped to the floor. It extends from the kitchen, down the hall, around the corner, all the way to the front door.

Let me show you the wonderful jet engine fans! Beautiful and noisy! :-) Yep. I love em. :-/

 I am resisting the urge to wipe them down with clorox wipes. They look gross to me, but they aren't mine, so...  They will be gone tomorrow afternoon anyway! YAY!!!!!
 Here's a view from the family room. The couches and door look super dark brown in the photo, but are actually quite a it lighter. More of a tobacco brown really.
 At least we didn't get kicked out of the house while this process is going on, and I can still get to the sink, stove, fridge, dishwasher, and coffee pot. Not too bad, actually.
 Here's the side view from the family room. The eating area juts out another 6 feet into the back yard.

 Pretty hall way view. Ha.
 This is the contained area, as seen from outside, looking through the windows. It's been ripped out down to the studs.
 There's the large fan, and a huge green 4 foot container that holds some type of moister drying pellet- type things. (How's that for the proper name?!)
 More views. Oh, and my trash compacter has been removed. That's the empty hole on the right of the island. We will be replacing the sink and dishwasher too. Might as well just do it. They are really ready to go.
 One more view of the floor to ceiling, and then I will leave you with a few "before" shots.

 These were taken about 2 months ago, before all of this began. (And prior to my new drapes and pillows, for any of you eagle eyes that would notice.) 
 It will be nice to be able to lighten up the cabinets and change things around a bit. I believe that we have been approved for a new floor too, as the floor was damaged, and can not be matched.
To be honest, I am not sad about that at all. ;-)

So, we are on our way to a new look. And we are happy to have the leak and moister damage all repaired! 

Stay tuned! 
I will be doing other projects and posts until we make some real progress in here. 
Have a great day! 
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  1. Looks like you are on the way to getting it all redone. Wow, it is always such a huge project isn't it. Hugs, Marty

    1. Thanks Marty...yes, it is a HUGE project! I know you can relate a little bit, as I read your post on how every surface was covered with stuff when you were cleaning your guest room carpet.

      It's crazy, but hopefully all will go smoothly.

  2. Just think positive thoughts!

    And thanks for entering the Pinterest contest! You come through as no-reply in my email so I can't just respond back. Just one addition to the board: Could you add the hashtag #springintothedream on all your pins? That way can find them ...

    Thanks again and finger's crossed!



    1. No prob! I will fix the hash tag! Don't know how to fix the no reply. :-(


  3. OH do I love leaks, I too have had a big leak.Now I am Planning on a new floor. Look forward to seeing it all done. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yep, they are pretty darn fun! ;-)
      I'm looking forward to seeing it done too! If only I could wave a wand...
      Thanks for stopping by!


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