Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This Week's Thrifty Finds.

Well, I was thinking that I had hit a little dry spell this week with my thrifting, until I looked up the plates I found yesterday.

 They are Spanish Ironstone. The label says Pontesa Royal China. Made in Spain.
 It's really tough to tell in the photo, but they have a subtle leaf pattern around the rim. Guess how much I paid...go ahead, I'll wait...what's that? Ten dollars? Five? Three fifty? Um, no. Get ready.........ok,......50 CENTS each, people! Can you beat that? Never, have I ever, gotten an Ironstone dinner plate for a mere 50 cents! 

I was not sure that it was considered ironstone, but it looked close enough to it, so I decided to take them home and see what I could find out. I was able to find a full set of these dishes on ebay for $150. (No, I did not buy them, in case you were wondering!) 
Needless to say, I am happy that they came home with me!
 If you are a new reader, let me just tell you that I am WILD about ironstone, and I have built my collection almost entirely from thrifting. (Nothing over $5!)

So, before I knew for sure that they were ironstone, I chose to get them so I could use them on this two tiered wood and metal stand. I am thinking of using some chalk paint in a gray shade, with a little distressing and some wax. I think it will look very cute on my counter when I am finished with it. 
I paid just $3 for it!

After coming up empty at the other thrift stores, I decided to head over to the used book store to look for vintage books on their bargain rack. I am sometimes able to find some great looking books for display for only a dollar a piece! 

No luck on the old leather bound vintage books, but I did get all three of these books for $2.75 total. :-)

 This one looks fun. Antiquing weekends. It's broken up by region. Can't wait to road trip!

 This one is for a dear friend who just told me that she is expecting! Yay! I'm so happy for her. She's going to be a great mom. I know she'll love getting everything ready. I hope this book helps!
 This just looked like a fun read. I mean, who doesn't want to know about simple ways to add style to their lives?

Oops. Forgot one. This mug was found at the same store with the plates and stand. It was marked .50 cents, but it had it's original store tag for $8.99 on the bottom, and paper still inside. 
I have two relatives that I could give this to with the first initial 'B'. It's going in my gift closet for now.

 I thought it was pretty cute.

So, those are my thrifty finds this week. Not a huge amount, but I'll take a few quality things anytime!
Have a great day! 
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  1. You always manage to find a great deal!

    1. Halleluja! I guess I just know which rocks to look under! :-)

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