Monday, August 26, 2013

My Cute New Ugg Tennis Shoes...And the End of Summer Happenings.

Hi friends!

Happy Monday!! 

This is the last week of summer, and the little guy heads back to school next Tuesday. 

We have another week of swim lessons, and a few more fun things to do before then. 

We had a really nice 2 days at Disneyland. 

We like to splurge and stay at the Grand Californian.

...Even though we live close enough to drive...technically. 

It just makes it so much more enjoyable! 

It is Craftsman Style in Architecture.
There is a massive stone fireplace in the lobby, with comfy rocking chairs around it.
I know, because I sunk into one after dinner. Ahhhh.

The next morning we were up and running!

It is the happiest place on earth for sure!

The little guy's top 3 are...

The Buzz Lightyear Ride.

The Lego store at Downtown Disney.


The Radiator Springs Ride in Cars Land.
(Seriously, so awesome!!!)

Now, back to those shoes...

I saw these at Nordstrom months ago, and I keep thinking about them...

I am not really a tennis shoe girl.

I mean, I have great workout Nike shoes,
but I don't really wear tennis shoes on a regular basis.

Maybe because I like to look a little more...
I don't know.

I guess I like cute sandals or boots or wedges, something a little more fun!

Tennis shoes are just not normally my thing.

But THESE, I can do!!

Come to mama!

I broke down and ordered them today.

And, thanks to Amazon Prime, I will be sporting them very soon!

Hope you have a fantastic week!!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Oh the D-land trip looks so fun, we live very near there but haven't been in is the most wonderful place ever and all the new rides are cool, Love those new shoes, I too love Amazon, so easy and fast...I am a new follower of yours and will be back to visit again soon, come on over to my post for a visit, love to have you and let me know what you think...Phyllis

  2. How fun, my friend! So glad you and the boys had an enjoyable Disney vacation. And keep us posted on those shoes ...

    :) Linda

  3. Sounds like you are enjoying the end of summer break. Love the Ugg tennis shoes. I hadn't seen those yet.

  4. Sounds like you and your "guys" had fun....I have never been to Disneyland...only Disney World more times than I can count...but it is so much fun every time we is especially more special now that we go with our granddaughter...nothing like seeing them have the time of their those Uggs...I am not a "sneaker" gal either..but those look so comfy!...i just ordered a pair of "ballet Pumas"...they look sort of dressy and then bring comfort...Have a great week Lisa!!

  5. I never wear sneakers unless I absolutely have to. Hate them but these look comfy! I wear sandles in the summer and boots in the winter:) The Dland trip looks like FUN!!! Have never been there, just Disney worls in Fl.


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