Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Mantle. My Simple Design How-To's.

Happy Monday!

Let's talk fall decor. More specifically, mantels. 

Do you decorate your mantle seasonally?

If so, it can get pretty daunting, if you are trying to one up yourself in the design department from one year to the next! 

My idea to keep it simple was born out of necessity. I mean, who has time to be Martha Stewart, and still get to the gym, clean the house, be a mom, and have a life? 

I can't decorate like I am having a photo shoot every other month! 

So, I cheat. I use what I have, add a few little things, and try to keep it understated. 

Sort of. 

I am not exactly a minimalist. 

I like layers, people. - And a weird assortment of collected "junk." 

Whatever makes me happy when I see it. That's my litmus test for what should be in my home.

I generally do just one mantle per season. Sometimes my spring and summer are the same. For fall I don't do a separate Halloween Mantle. 

I do put a few Halloween items around the house, because my son loves them, but they go up the week of Halloween, and come down the day after. 

It just works better for me to have a design that stays the same through Thanksgiving.

I also have a few core items that stay up on the mantle most of the year, like the books, the clock, and the urn.

The Book Page Wreath will stay up most of the year too. 

...Unless I find something really cool that inspires me.

This season, the only thing I bought were the little brown paper pumpkins. 

I used some re-cycled black tissue to fill them. 

I am very happy with how it turned out!

I just try to make my life easy and keep it simple! 

What are your seasonal design strategies?

Do you decorate in an elaborate way for each season or holiday?

...Now just so we are clear, all bets are off for Christmas! 

I go a little crazy! What about you?

Have a great week! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Just beautiful Lisa! love the banner and you created such a great mantel vignette with the things you "had on hand"… to go crazy when it comes to Christmas…I need to get motivated and get started on that!!


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