Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting My Craft On. Burlap and Vintage Frames. Part One.

Hey Hey Everyone! It's a rainy Monday here today. Perfect day to hide inside and do a project or two. I am also planning to squeeze in a gym workout before picking the little guy up from school after his lunch bunch, so I will make this post a quick one.

If you read my post yesterday, you may know that I lost all my photos and pre-planned posts last week when my external hard drive decided to quit on me. I think I will be able to recover them, (phew!) but for now, I am starting from scratch with my posts and pics.

Today I will be working on a few little projects that I have been meaning to get around to. I did manage to make a prototype of what I was after with brown paper and sharpie for the more ornate frames. And I have already painted the two pieces I plan to marry for the other project.

Here is what I'll be working on...
The two more ornate frames hang in the upstairs hall.  I am planning to use burlap where the brown craft paper is, and paint on our initials, W for the hubs, L for me. The vintage oval frame was a great thrift store find, along with the star. I think I paid 75cents for each! Not. even. kidding! The frame was an antiqued cream with gold rim when I bought it, and the star was silver. I sprayed them both dark brown to marry the two. I plan to use burlap inside the frame where the cardboard is, and attach the star to the outside of the oval frame for a great finished piece with some dimension.

Here are some closer pics...
Unfortunately the "before" pics of these two painted items were on my hard drive that crashed, sorry. 

 These look a little ornate, but the burlap will knock that down a bit. Once I get the letters painted on the burlap, I think that I will really like them. These frames were an antique store purchase, and were $8 a piece, I believe. I found them exactly the way they are right now, in terms of finish, and I like them, so I am leaving them this way. They did not have any glass, which I also like, and I think it will help them feel more casual with the burlap anyway!

Since I was taking pics on this table, I thought I should show you my cute wood platter that has been chalk painted. It was a thrift store find for $1.99. I did nothing to it. Love it as is! The old books came from my fav local $5 Bookstore. I have bought quite a few things there, and these books were on the $2 ea sale shelf.
I will be posting the "afters" of my projects later today, or tomorrow, depending on how things go. 
Hope you all have a great week!!
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  1. Lisa,

    You already know I am the biggest fan of burlap :) What an awesome project! Thanks so much for the inspiration.


    1. :-) Thanks K! Oh, I know, and I am SO coveting those new curtains of yours!

  2. What a great project! I have four black round frames in our upstairs hall with our monograms on them, but on cardstock...I am loving the idea of using burlap!!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I saw that you tagged me, and I am planning to post on it this week. Thank you for including me, you are so sweet! I am a little behind due to my hard drive issues last week. :-(
      I will be thinking of your family tomorrow, and praying that all goes well!

  3. Hi Lisa! I wanted to stop by and thank you for your kind words on my post. I am following along as well..stay in touch. Tabitha@

  4. I love the antique frames and what you've done with them.
    Thanks for stopping by and your nice comments on my thrift store tabletop.


I love reading all of your thoughtful comments!