Monday, February 20, 2012

Living Room Update. It All Started With Pillows - Continued.

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today! Yesterday I shared my wild hair moment with you. I stripped my couch, she is now in her undergarmnets! I have had the same couch for 15 years, but it has always lived in the living room, so it is in almost perfect shape. I have grown tired (after 10 years) of the ALL tan and brown look in my living room, and the MANY pillows that came with the couch that have lined the back, and helped to give it the oh-so-in-style at the time, slouchy look. Um...not so into that look anymore.

So anyway, as I revealed yesterday, the couch is covered in muslin, but the fabric is not good enough to live with for any length of time. Plus, the seat cushions seem to have a thinner material on them than the rest of the couch. I am still liking the idea of going lighter, after 24 hours of looking at it, ok- staring at it from every angle!

Yesterday I went looking for lamps and accessories, and while I did not bring home any lamps, I found a couple more pillows, and something else very interesting....maybe not for the living room, but in direct view of the living room. I know, I'll explain later.

I have to apologize for the lousy pics that were way too bright in yesterday's post. Sometimes excitement takes over, and I just didn't want to wait until evening to share my new inspiration with you.

Here's what the sofa looked like last night...keep in mind that the faux fur throw on the ottoman is only intended to cover up the olive green fabric to help me see what I want. I will be picking a lighter slightly pattered fabric to use on it. Ok here is it what it looked like last night...

          New center linen pillow is down filled RL (Ralph Lauren), found at Home Goods.   

 My son is playing made it in the background in this one. It was getting late, and he was waiting for me to finish so we could get ready for bed.

 New frilly little burlap-y pillow. Not really burlap. I would like it more if it were, but a cheapie from Home Goods, $16.99, I think.

 See, I told you...from.every.angle!
 I think I'm going to paint the double entry doors the same tobacco color I painted the door in the family room a few months ago. I will share that with you soon.
 Here is my unexpected antique store find yesterday. A cool wood sign that I will hang on the wall that is visible from the entry. Any one know what this used to be?? 
 Yep. A VERY OLD screen door! It is so cool! I got a great price on it, so home with me it came!
 I was really hesitating in the store about this, but I am so glad I bought it. It looks very cool in the spot I want to hang it.
 The back is rusty metal, and was elaborately painted when made.
 I love that it still shows up. I think I am going to spray it with a coat of matte lacquer to seal it.
 And, I will add a coat of clear wax to the wood in front.
This is how the metal was wrapped around the wood like a frame. 
Well, I am off to the gym. I need to be better about getting there 5 days a week. This new little blog of mine has been a bit too consuming lately. Time for a little balance.
Have a great day! 

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  1. your home is gorgeous! I love the sign find the best....:) chris

  2. Love your home. The living room looks fabulous. That ruffled pillow from Home Goods is awesome. And you sign find is wonderful!



    1. Wow, thanks Linda! Huge compliment coming from you! Love your blog!

  3. Love the pillows and the layout of your home is gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you, Kristin! I want to stain my stairs more like you have yours when I rip up my carpet this year. When we moved in, the banister and spindles were oak. I had it painted, but now I'd like to give it more interest. I love the layout of your home too! Thanks for coming back again!

  4. Hi nice to meet you. Your living room and home is beautiful. I love that mirror! Thanks so much for joining and sharing with my newbie party. See you again!

  5. Thanks Debbie! I visit your blog often! Thanks so much for hosting, and for stopping by to check mine out!

  6. Your home is so beautiful! I love that ruffled "burlapish" pillow. Yay for Home Goods!

    BTW I'm stopping over from the newbie party and I love your blog. I'm your newest member!
    I'd love for you to stop by and check out my blog too!

    1. Wow, thank you so much Sarah! Yes, Home Goods is the best, I just can't seem to stay out of that store! :-)
      Of course I will pop over and check out your blog right away! Nice to meet you, and thanks for following!

  7. So lovely and charming! Thank you for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

    1. Thank you, Courtney! Thank you for hosting Feathered Nest Friday! You have a beautiful blog! Thanks for stopping by to check in here! :-)


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