Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Vignette. A Re-Do in a Strange Little Area.

Good Morning! I hope you had a fantastic Valentines Day with family and friends!
Yesterday I was puttering around working on a new vignette in my hallway between the door to the garage, and the downstairs bath. The guest room is also located directly across from this space, so when you open the guest room door, you see these cabinets. There is a fairly large surface between the upper and lower cabinets, on which to display things. Quite honestly, I've never really been sure what to put there, or what that space needs.
**Warning**Photo overload ahead!**
I had these cabinets painted last fall when Mr. W was in Afghanistan. I broke down and hired a painter back then to help me finish up the master bath painting, and a few other projects, when I realized I may have been too optimistic about finishing everything before his return. The cabs were the last ones in the house left unpainted, and they were SCREAMING for help. They are now off white, (Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee.) I will try to dig up a before pic and post later this week, but in the interest of time, I will just show you the current look.

Here's what I've got now...
The space is hard to photograph because the light is not great. My cabinets still need hardware, but that's coming.

It all started the other day when I found this while out shopping...
 It was on sale! Started out priced at $39, marked down to $7 buckaroos!! Score!
 The rest of the things I used were things I already had, except the 2 design books that I picked up at the used book store for $5each! The cool brown one is the Nate Berkus book, the light green is a book on designing Guest Room spaces. Perfect for right outside my guest room!
 The little brown textural vase was thrifted. I think it was $2.
 I love the cover of Nate's book.
 There are rocks and shells EVERYWHERE in my home. I am a beach comber, and bring a bucket full home every time I go to the beach. It is so relaxing to walk the beach, and collect things.

 I wrapped a little burlap around an old candle, and set it a top a turned over wine bottle holder. (I never used it for wine.) Always thought it was a little weird. I think it is designed to catch red wine drips, and save your counter from getting drips or rings.
 Collected beach rocks and shells on moss. Under cloche I picked up at the GW (that's the Goodwill, people!) It was $2.99. I got it several months ago.
 Old vintage books tied with a scrap of ribbon.
 I decided to hang some of my abacus collection on the wall. I like the texture and variation of color and finish they provide. 
 Thrifted white pot with moss pinecones. Driftwood was found on the beach with the rocks and shells.
 I just love the way these look. Given my aversion to math, it's hard to believe! 

 Isn't that driftwood fascinating?

 I love the texture of the old books too.
 And the vase. I am a texture girl!

 So, that's it! A whole new look for the top of these cabinets. It only cost me $17 total plus tax. Books for $5 each, mirror for $7. Everything else was shopped from the house! Not bad, for what started as just puttering. ;-)
Have a great day everyone!!
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  1. That's a great redo. I love the colors and organic feel of it. Great bargains and the abacuses are a unique collection.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you come back often :)

  2. Thanks Debra! Of course I will visit often, I LOVE your blog! :-)

  3. $7 for that mirror? What a find! I love all the texture in your display. Makes me rethink covering all those books :)


    1. Thanks Karianne! Nope, your book project was awesome! I really liked how it turned out with the labels. I, however, am far too lazy for such an undertaking! ;-) Hehe. I just seem to tie up my book stacks with twine or ribbon, and walk away. Total cop-out, I know!

  4. Love what you have done in this area. The natural things really make it enjoyable. I also love to collect pretty rocks. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.
    Audrey Z.


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