Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day Trip to Santa Barbara.

Yesterday we took a family day, and made a little day trip up the coast to our favorite city in California, Santa Barbara. This town is so utterly charming, and I fell under it's spell within minutes of my first visit. (Some 20 years ago when was here as a flight attendant on a layover.)
 Plus, the drive up the coast is spectacular.
  It is so relaxing and beautiful. Especially when I'm not the one driving! ;-)

 I love the ocean and the hills on the drive up.
 ... And the citrus farms along the way.

We like to go on Tuesday, since that is the day that they have the BEST farmer's market I've ever been to, right in the middle of Old Town, on State Street.

When we arrive in Santa Barbara, we usually park at the indoor/outdoor shopping area known as Paseo Nuevo. It has pretty California-Spanish style architecture, and is anchored by a Macy's and a Nordstrom. It's beautiful brick lined sidewalks are filled with fountains and courtyards. 
 There are pretty vintage inspired iron lanters, and gorgeous flowers growing up the sides of the buildings.

 We amble right out to the farmer's market on State Street.
 It's always a lovely scene. 

 These are Cherimoya's. They are DELISH!! They taste like a cross between a melon, apple, and pineapple. They are so smooth on the inside. You wait until they get soft, and then scoop the flesh out with a spoon. It's like having dessert!! 

 I like this market for it's great selection of organic produce, nuts, local honey, and olives.
 Vendors line the street under canopies.

 It also offers plenty of gorgeous plants and flowers. These came home with me.

 Yum. They even had organic strawberries. Divine!
 There are plenty of street musicians performing as well. These guys were actually very good.

 Check out these Gerbera Daisies!

 It was a beautiful day, in such a charming setting!

 State Street is lined with great bars and sidewalk cafes, as well as many, many quaint shops.
Even the street grates are pretty here!

We were getting hungry, so we decided to go looking for someplace new and different for dinner. Well, we found a really charming place, tucked into an arcade off of State and Figueroa Streets. It was sort of a Spanish style tapas place with Mexican food as well. It was lovely. Nestled in a gaslamp courtyard with fountains and torches, Ceilito did not disappoint.

 We had a delicious dinner and tasty margaritas. We were full, and ready to head back home. 

 We strolled through the pretty arcade, and noticed a fabulous looking Chocolatier on the way out.
 Unfortunately, it was already closed, so we will have to be sure to check it out the next time.

 I love old iron gates. Aren't they pretty?
 I also stopped at a charming gift shop window to look at the Spring display, and take a peek inside. 
 This store is so pretty, and I have been in it before. It has a nice mix of antiques and gift items. Super cute. I think It's called Lewis and Clark.
 Neat antique stove in the window.

 We made out way out of the arcade, and back onto State Street towards the car. 
 I saw an interesting looking Italian place with sidewalk seating that we may have to try sometime.
 Everything in this town is so pretty. Especially after sunset.

Goodnight, Santa Barbara. We'll be back!

Hope you enjoyed coming along with us on out little day trip.
See you tomorrow!

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  1. What a fantastic day trip! My cousin lives in Santa Barbara. So need to make a trip out.

  2. It is such a perfect place! If it were at all practical, we would live there, but it's just too far to Mr W's job. :-(
    Yes, you should visit! Let me know if you ever decide to come. Maybe we can meet for coffee!

  3. Lisa where do you live? I am just outside of SB

    1. Half way between LAX and Santa Barbara in Ventura county, very near the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. :-)

  4. Thank you for taking me along on this lovely trip to St Barbara. It is one of my fav cities in the US as well. Many fond memories there!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Rose! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the virtual trip!
    SUCH a fabulous place!


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