Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random Thoughts and a Few New Finds.

Happy Tuesday!
 It's Farmer's Market Day in Santa Barbara, and we are heading north up the coast later today to check it out! We love Santa Barbara, especially on Tuesdays! I will be sure to take lots of pics, and post about it in the next day or two.

Yesterday I was out trolling the antique stores for a few things on my mental shopping list. I have been looking for a small bench for my entry wall, and a few interesting things to hang in a grouping on either side of the cool old screen door/sign that I hung this week.

I stopped at my friend's store, and found a few things. I brought two stools home, but neither worked, so they are going back this morning. I did find a couple of random things, though...

I found this pretty round wicker bowl, that I plan to use in my kitchen. I was thinking of filling it with potted herbs and succulents, covered with moss and burlap. Should be cute. :-) Maybe I will find some potted herbs at the farmer's market today?? Hmmm.
 I also found some iron work.

 I found this old frame at the GW. 99cents. Hehe.
It came with this old wrinkled rose print inside, which I plan to switch out for something fun, with a stencil of some kind in the center. I was thinking it would look cute in the gallery wall composition I am working on for the family room.

And, a few random "art" images...
My son drew this this morning for his new (imaginary) dog, Luke.
 He's only 5, but I'd say he may have a future as an Architect! You should see what this kid can build with legos, blocks, etc.! ( Hey, a mom can dream...) Actually, I'd like to have a barn like this, but that's another post.
I think I may be reading him too many Dr. Seuss books. Look how accurate the building is, and then look in the lower right corner at the dog Luke. Ha! Just sayin'.

This little vinyl chalkboard sheet hangs on the fridge. This is my message to the little guy this week. :-)
It looks like someone smudged it a bit, but such is life around here. What was that movie or show line..."This is why we can't have nice things!" It's kind of our running joke around here. No matter how pretty I make things, they always seem to get messed up. You just have to laugh. That's life with boys! (Mostly the adult one!) Wink. ;-)

Oh, and lastly, I tried Instagram yesterday for the first time...I only took 3 pics, but here's one.

Me with Instagram...

And without...

I have the crazy eyes in both. Can't photoshop that out, huh?
Anyhow, when I get time to play around with it, Instagram looks like it will be tons of fun!

I'm off to the gym for a quick workout, then we are heading up to Santa Barbara after lunch.
Have a great day!

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