Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Gotta Feeling!... New Curtains in the Family Room and Kitchen.

~ Happy Tuesday! ~

I have the Black Eyed Peas song "I Gotta Feeling" playing in my head this morning! I woke up on this sunny day with SO much energy! My little guy is on Spring Break this week, and we don't have to do the mad morning rush! (Neither of us are morning people!) 

I am feeling happy because I walked downstairs to my coffee maker, and I was greeted by something other than these old tired, DATED valances that were hanging around for the last ten years. I tried to hide them in my Home Tour, but here they are...UGH....
 Whaa-whaa-whaa...Blaahhhssville! (Ignore train table, which I also try not to photograph!)
Buh-bye ugly valances! I will NOT miss you!!!

HELLO funky, fun, new Ikat print curtains that scream "Welcome to sunny So Cal"!

 My windows are very large, AND south facing. We get a TON of light in here, which is usually great, except when trying to photograph windows....sorry. I think you will get the idea, though. 
It is a very bright and sunny room, that looks dark, since most of these photos had to be shot at dusk.

*WARNING* Photo overload ahead!

 I need to get new fluffy down pillows for the sofas, so now I will steer toward colors that complement the new curtains. I think I like them. Are they too wild? I am normally more understated and classic, but I was out shopping at World Market, and before I knew it, these babies were in my cart!! I have no idea why, but they called to me. I guess if they are too funky, and I get sick of them, I can always go back to a more conservative stripe, toile, or other more classic print. But, since I live in a stucco house in Southern California, I might as well embrace the feeling. (Only took me ten years, people!)

 I have big plans for this rustic trunk. It's going to get a little face lift. I still love it, and with a 5 year old boy, he can beat it up with his cars, trains, and legos, and he can not hurt it! Love that!
 I still like my rug too, but I am starting to look for one that freshens up the look in here a bit too!

 My sofas with the nail head trim. I love these. Mr W bought them for me a few years ago while I was having chemo. They made me so happy. They look very Ralph Lauren in person, I think. I never really like the way they look in photos.

 Super hard to get a good, light photo in the kitchen and still show the curtains. Again, this was taken at dusk last night.

So, I think I like them...what do you think? They definitely made me smile this morning.
Hope you are having a great week too! I have a mee-llion errands to do today, so I am going to re-load on coffee, and get moving. I think I'll be blasting some Black Eyed Peas in here too!
See you tomorrow!
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  1. Very sassy curtains! I love the way they pick up on your color scheme! Love the couch too! Is it comfy? And kid friendly? I love leather but always imagine one of my kids stabbing it with a pen or something and I have to live with a hole for the next 15 or so years... Our couch is 15 years old and about to hit the floor.. time for a new one. I love your coffee table too! Can't wait to see what you are going to do with it!

    1. Thanks Sherry! Yes, sassy is a good word! :-) I DO love my leather couches! I have a love seat, and a couch. I would have liked two chairs instead of the love seat, but the Mr wanted love seat and couch. They are wearing like iron so far! It is almost impossible to even scratch them, but it depends what type of leather you get. I am sure that they could be stabbed, but I guess so could fabric, right? The thing I love the most, is that I can just wipe them down with a damp cloth. This has come in handy with a little one. We have had them since the little guy was 2 and a half. So far so good. Knock wood!
      Hope you had an awesome Easter with your family!

  2. Lisa, I Love, Love,Love the curtains. They make it look soft and very comfortable. Is that an old fashion bell on your wicker basket? Love it where did you get it?

    1. Thank you, Sheri! Your comment put a huge smile on my face! The bell was for my birthday from my best friend (yes, you!) in Ohio! I LOVE it! I also love that my son will ring it to wake up his Daddy! Hehe! (Bonus!)
      Thanks for the awesome b-day gifts! Love you!

  3. Beautiful! Let me know if you want to unload your rug. Think if I bought it from you it would be expensive to ship?

    1. Tam- I think that we can find you something down there! It would prob be a lot to ship...

  4. LOVE your new curtains!!!!! Seriously IN LOVE!!!

    p.s. thank you so much for your comment today . . . you made my day!
    Lots of Love

    1. Thanks Ashli! I am grinning from ear to ear now! You have such great taste, it's thrilling to get your stamp of approval! Yay!

      P.S. You are welcome! :-)

  5. Very pretty! Love the new curtains. I LOVE that trunk as well! Could use one of those in my living room!

    1. Thank you Adele! I tell you what? I'll trade you my trunk for a dutch door! ;-)
      I have always wanted a dutch door to my backyard!

  6. Love the funky curtians, they look good in your space and if it makes YOU smile, even better!!

  7. Hi Lisa, I'm your newest follower on Linky and would love for you to follow me. The trunk looks great and I have an idea about where you're going with it. The curtains are super and from what you said, I bet you are enjoying the change. Thanks, Helen


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