Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm a Ping Pong-er. Projects in the Works.

~ Happy Saturday! ~

Well, it stopped raining, and it's finally sunny here today, but really chilly this morning at only 57 degrees. It's supposed to be 77 by Tuesday, and that is more in line with what you'd expect for Southern Cali this time of year. I love what the rain does for the green on the hills though. I love that "new" green. It almost glows it's so bright. My point, I guess, to all this weather banter, is that rain makes me lazy. Can I get an Amen? Are you like that too?

I did manage to putter around inside a bit this week, and here are some of the projects that I am working on...
 I managed to organize my little baskets under the sink. I know it's not super exciting, but it was one of those things I have been putting off. Now I have the bathroom drawers to go through and organize. All 6 of them. Yes, we have tons of storage room, I know how lucky I am. But, it does tend to get super cluttered fairly quickly.
At least I can see my nail polish now. Maybe I won't buy the same shade twice. Again. ;-)
 Working on a solution for the little guy's dummy panels in his room. Also working on creating bunting for over the windows, made from old pilot charts. (aka maps.)
 He has three little windows to the left, and I am working on how to treat them. I think I have it figured out, and I will be posting about that this coming week.

Remember this cool old bottom of a screen door I found a while back while antiquing? Well, I have given it a couple coats of paste wax, and I think I've figured out how I want to hang it. The back is metal, with really cool old scrollwork painted on it, so I don't want to make holes in this.

It's nice and shinny, and protected now.

I have also been thinking about my family photo gallery wall for a while now. Ever since my hard drive crash, and loss of all digital media, I have put this project off. You see, I had already picked out all of the photos that I wanted to use, but had not sent them off to print yet.
It's time to move on and pick some new ones, so that is on this coming week's list as well.

 I picked up different size frames with slightly different styles, but with the same finish, for continuity. I think it will look great. I just need to gather a few other little items of interest to hang with the frames so that it's less boring. I am looking for something unexpected.

And finally, I need to decide on the fabric I will be using to re-upholster my naked couch and ottoman, so my upholsterer can get going on this. For the sofa, should I use a simple linen? Canvas drop cloth? Duck cloth? Should I have piping? Should it be contrasting piping? 
What fabric for the ottoman? I think I want something in the warm brown range, like the color of the faux fur throw that's currently covering it's original olive drab tufted fabric. And there tuft or not to tuft? That is the question. 
This is how my sofa looks as she sits in her undergarmets, stripped of her former slipcover, and mountain of huge back pillows. The muslin is a different fabric on the body of the sofa than the cushions, so I can't just leave it this way. Plus, the cushion fabric looks super wrinkly. Yuck!

See? I am all. over. the. place. Ping pong-er!! Oh, and did I fail to mention that they are supposed to come this week, and cut a whole in my kitchen to start the massive leak reapir from the upstairs shower? No? Oh, yes, it's happening! This will undoubtedly start a kitchen reno...we have yet to decide how large a reno this will be.
I may very well be replacing all of the floors, appliances, and possibly cabinets too. Or at least some, and then painting them all (the cabinets, I mean,)...we will see.

Overwhelmed much? Um, yeah.
Stay tuned.
Have a great weekend!
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  1. I'm exhausted just reading all of that! And I so want to Ping Pong too but am determined to get my Etsy shop up-and-running which involves lots of pillow making and pillow photo shoots ...

    Hope you have a lovely weekend! And am loving the little guys room.

    And I would go a very natural neutral not too dark in the brown family. That way you can easily change out the look and the colors with some throw pillows and accessories. I wish I had done that in my own now. Now I'm busy trying to decorate around a red couch!



  2. Thanks Linda! I agree, the couch is going to be very light. Probably in the natural creamy white linen tone it's in right now, but with better fabric. But the ottoman, I thought I would do darker, not too dark, but if I get sick of it I can switch it out for a coffee table of some kind...

    Have you used drop cloth, or duck cloth to upholster with? I a considering this for the couch. It's the living room couch, and therefore does not take much abuse. Any thoughts would be welcome! And I still can't decide on piping on the couch cushions, or tufting or not on the ottoman. It's always easier for me to be decisive in other people's spaces! - I'll figure it all out eventually!

    Good luck with the Etsy shop, and all those pillows! My plan for an Etsy shop is on hold for a few months! Can't wait to see what you will have!!!!
    Great weekend to you as well! :-)

  3. You sound like me in some ways. I get so overwhelmed with what needs/wants to get done, that I don't even start most of my projects. The goods news is once I do focus, we always end up doing exactly what we wanted. You have some really great ideas. Love your kitchen too. It's spacious.

    1. Thanks Kate! Although I am scattered, I do complete a surprising amount somehow...eventually! Ha! :-)
      Thanks for the kitchen love, there are big changes coming in that room!

  4. I understand completely! I am a ping ponger myself. That is why so many projects sit there calling my name! Can't wait to see where you hang that screen door remnant! Fabulous!


    1. My Dad always makes me feel better about this flighty tendency by saying that pre-occupation is a sign of genius! HAHAHA! That's quite a stretch for me!
      I'm going to try and get Mr W to help me hang it today...should we take bets on whether I can actually get him to do it? ;-)

  5. Where did u get the wabash sign? I sold my gams at the columns n centerville, ia! It actually goes on the floor under a stove to protect ur floor. Just curious if this is the same one.

    1. Really? Mine says Wabash Screen Door company...the dealer had it tagged as part of an old screen door, so I did no further research. I bought it at an antique store here in California where I used to be a dealer.
      Does yours have a metal back with filigree type painting too?
      Thanks for stopping by! :-) Have a great Sunday!

  6. Yes, I am the same! You would think with all the rain i would have done some projects inside but the kids had off from week. Where in Cali are you? Did you get the crazy thunder lighting we had in san diego?

    1. Yes, mine goes back Monday. He's been off since the 6th!

      The rain has been crazy, and the house was rumbling the other day! You just don't hear thunder like that here very often!

      We are halfway between LA and Santa Barbara. We live very near the Reagan Library.

      Have a great Sunday! Enjoy the sun. It's supposed to warm up and be 79 here by Tuesday. I feel a beach day coming!


  7. You sound just like me! I claim to have decorating/remodeling ADD. Ping Ponger fits too :) Your son's room is adorable, and I love that screen door bottom. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment and for following too! I'm following back.

    Have a great week!


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