Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Time Front Entry.

~ Hello! ~

I know that I've only done a couple of posts in the last 7 days, but I wanted to take some time to enjoy life a little bit while my family was here visiting. We had a really nice time, and it's always hard to see them go!

I decided that I had better get going, and try to spruce up my front entry a little bit, now that the weather in Cali is FINALLY warming up! It was so weird to watch as most of the country was having our Spring weather, and we were so chilly on and off, over the last few weeks.

I decided to keep it simple, and just use my pretty green and white wreaths, and some new plants to give my front entry a little face lift. I love seasonal decor, but I have to admit that I am usually SO NOT on the ball enough to have a Valentines set, and a St. Patty's, and Easter, etc. Normally what I put up in the spring, stays until I drag out the fall stuff, before transitioning to Christmas. I DO try to put out a few flags in potted plants, and such for the 4th of July, but that's kind of it. 

So here it is...clean and simple. (P.S. Please ignore the fact that I have not yet power washed my flagstone, or mulched my flower beds.) :-)

 Oh yeah, my stone needs a good washing and sealing...pretend it's done, ok?
 I always have these ivy topiaries in the urns, and they struggle a bit in the colder months, but wind up looking lush and green again by late spring. Sometimes I plant white flowers in the pots with them, and I still may do that this year.
 I bought this new ficus tree with its pretty braided trunk. I think it will grow nice and tall, and look great here.
 *NOTE TO THE BUILDER* Why on earth did you put the white mutton bars on these windows? They can not be removed, and they hurt me visually. :-( 

 View from the side. There is a built in stone bench to the left that did not make it in the shot.
 I need to re-plant and add some flowers around the fountain when I mulch the beds. My white hydrangeas are just starting to come up. I chopped them all the way back to the ground last fall.
 See? Needs a flower border...and FRESH mulch. Who else LOVES fresh mulch? It makes me smile. :-)
 I bought these Smith and Hawken wreaths at Target a few years ago, and while they are starting to show some age, I still love them, and they look fantastic from the street!
 I usually have some tiny little wren like bird that builds a nest in there every year. One year, she built it inside the topiary ball. I thought that was BRILLIANT of her! I love watching the eggs hatch and the babies grow and leave. It goes really fast!
 Here's a view of my little black garage sale wagon. When I bought it, it was green, but black works better for all seasons by the front door. I love how the greenery pops against the black paint.
 I found some baskets in my closet, and some of my go-to burlap to wrap around the plastic pots. Voila!
Well, there's my front entry for now. I will show you the improvements as I make them. 
Hope you are all having a great week!
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  1. Beautiful. If that is what unmulched and unwashed flagstone looks like I can tell you it puts my dirty pebble stone walk and rock filled berms to shame!


    1. Haha! Thanks! That makes me feel a bit better about sharing it! I can tell you that the photo hides a lot!

  2. It looks so inviting. Also, thanks for the book suggestions. I've started reading crazy sexy cancer tips and really like it! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Julie! I am so glad you like it! She has a great approach! Hope you are having a nice week! This is the off week, yes?

    2. Oh, just read your's not your off week, but it sounds like you are doing better this week so far. Knock wood.
      Sending prayers and hugs to you!

  3. Your porch is lovely. I have always wanted double doors like yours. I like how you wrap the pots in burlap...great idea!

    1. Thanks Debra! I really like the double doors too! It's been great for getting the giant Christmas tree in from the garage every year. It also comes in handy for furniture deliveries! (Not that we have many, but have had a few.)
      And the burlap...well, that's just my crazy addiction at work again.


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