Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bookcase (Mini) Re-do. Sometimes a Small Tweak is Just Enough.

Isn't it amazing that a tiny adjustment can somehow make a huge difference at times? 

A few years ago I brought home a bookshelf for my son's room. I found it while shopping in an antique store, and I got a great deal on it. I think I paid $59! It's very nice, solid wood, and you know they just don't make them like that any more!! Why buy a piece of junk that I have to assemble, when I can find a great solid wood bookcase?  

When I brought it home, he was still in his crib. I had an idea of which bed I wanted for him, but I had not purchased it yet. Because I was not certain of what the finish on the bed would be, I went ahead and painted the shelf a dark brown, with some leftover paint that I had used in his room to paint one of the stripes on his wall. It looked very nice, until...I found a vintage desk, and painted it with Rustoleum Espresso. (I am STILL not being compensated by Rustoleum, but considering that it's my new favorite thing, I would welcome it!) Hehe. ;-) Anyhow, as I was saying, once the desk was back in his room, just the slight difference in browns between the bookcase and the desk really bugged me.

Here is is before... (My apologies, his room is just insanely hard to photograph! Super bright light coming through the windows, and shadows everywhere else.) I still suck at manual settings on my camera, even after taking an 8 hour class! These were taken with my iphone since I was frustrated. Whatever. Someday I will have time to practice. Today is not that day. :-) 
It is really hard to tell from this horrible picture, but see how the bookcase is just a shade off?
So I drug it outside to the backyard. Also known as my workshop! ;-)

 I know you can BARELY tell, due to the horrible photo quality here, but this is the after shot. The browns match so much better. And, I was able to arrange his books a little neater. How long should we guess that will last? 
 He loves his little reading nook. I found a cute little red car bean bag at Home Goods a while back, and he plops down in it and reads book after book in here. Of course he destroys the bookshelf organization every time, but oh well! :-) As long as he likes to sit and read, I'm happy!

 Someday soon, I will redeem myself with better pics. Stay tuned! 
I am still working on how I want to hang his curtain panels, and a bunting made from my husband's old pilot charts. (Maps.)
Hope you are having an awesome week. My little guy is on spring break for the next 11 days, so we will be trying to do some fun things together!


  1. Great job! Doesn't it feel great to cross that off your list?
    Enjoy your spring break and Happy Easter!

    1. Yes it does! Thanks Heidi! We have a few fun things planned. I think he has 3 Easter Egg hunts starting tomorrow! :-) Our entire family will be out of town for Easter, so the day itself is going to be super mellow. We still don't know if the hubs has to fly a trip for the airline yet or not...
      Happy Easter to you and your family!!

  2. Lisa,

    What a fun Easter! Isn't it so wonderful that spring is finally here. What a blessing.

    Have a wonderful week!


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