Friday, June 8, 2012

Snapshots of My Week, and Friday's Flowers

~Happy Friday!~

 I thought I should share my beautiful sunflowers with you. I got them on Tuesday at the Santa Barbara Farmer's Market.

 These sunflowers almost look fake, don't they? 
I assure you, they are real. I bought two bunches for $10. 

On another note...
The little guy had his last day of school on Wednesday. FINALLY!! I feel like all the other kids around  the country were already out for the summer!
 My son receiving his Pre-School completion certificate. (I intentionally picked the blurry one. I wish I could share the one of his beaming smile, looking right at me. Alas, it's part of the deal Mr W and I made when I started the blog. No clear, sweet face pics of the little guy.) 

We have been continuing to work on the yard around here. I went back to Home Depot on Wednesday, and loaded up on more mulch for the front yard beds.
 I trimmed my topiary bushes on either side of the garage. (I dont like the way my yard guy does it.) The little guy loves helping sweep up the leaves.

 I bought another 15 bags of mulch. I think we are at almost 40 bags total, so far, for the front and backyard beds.
 So that was my workout for Wednesday, as Mr W was spending the day at the Military base. He was promoted to Squadron Commander for his flying squadron just recently. (That's in addition to his full time commercial airline job.) So, I'm used to handling the domestic stuff myself, both inside and out. Including some heavy lifting, occasionally.

 My son took this pic while we were out planting in the backyard. (I have the crazy hair!) We are trying our hand at growing some sunflower seeds and cucumbers from seed. We will see what we get...

Here are some pics of Santa Barbara on Tuesday evening. It is such a beautiful place!

 I found a fun new store that I need to explore next time we are there. It was full of really cool upcycled things, but I only got to window shop, as the store was already closed when we were walking by.
 These fun nautical tote bags made to look like a numbered sail caught my eye.

 As di the driftwood star (above) and sea horse on the wall below.

 Cute little robot made from found objects.

And a really neat reclaimed wood slat table with iron base. Another crazy robot face of found objects sits on top.

 Even the movie theatre there is pretty.

So, that's been my week in a nutshell. 

I am attending my niece's HS graduation tomorrow. Gosh that went fast! 
I remember when she was just a little girl, sitting in my lap. She used to tell me that my lips were sparkly, and I looked like Cinderella. <3
She has grown into a lovely young woman, and we are very proud!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 


  1. My girls are still in school - I think we're the last to get out!

    My neighbor does all the yard work and grilling - we joke that she'd make a great husband!

    And that crazy hair - I'd share some of my shots after I've been working outside - but don't want to frighten you or any small animals or children.

    1. Funny, my friend and I always joke that we just need wives! ;-) (And my handyman Billy for the really big jobs!)

      Seriously, just think how fast everything would get done! -And without even having to nag er, um, I mean ask! Hey, maybe those sister wives really are on to something! Hehe!! ;-)

      You are funny! Small animals and children! Bahaha!

      Have a great Saturday! I'm off to my nieces graduation. Getting the tissue stash ready now!

  2. Lisa,

    Your week looks amazing! I just bought a bag like that (okay....not quite as cute) but I am going to make it into pillows!

    Have an awesome and blessed day!

    1. Karianne,

      You know what's weird? That was a few hours after getting of the phone with you, and I saw that bag, and thought it looked like you. (Well, not YOU, haha. But, your shower curtain!) :-) Can't wait to see your pillows!

      Have a great weekend!!

  3. Congrats to the little guy! The big leap to Kindergarten next year. Congrats to your husband as well. I am sure he is quite busy!!

    1. I know, he is very excited! It's been quite a week! And yes, the hubs is a pretty busy guy. Good thing he has such an independent wife! :-)

      I am very proud of both my guys!

      Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  4. I stated, love Santa Barbara!...and LOVE your topiaries!...Your "little guy" is such a great helper!....I really love the way you summed up the week...great idea for a post!!....


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