Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun Finds From La Jolla and a Sweet Gift

~ Hey Everyone! ~

 I am so excited that it's Wednesday!! My little sister is flying in today from Nashville! 
The little guy can hardly stand it! He LOVES his Auntie!
I can't wait to hang out and catch up with my sis!

Before I start running around cleaning like a crazy woman, I thought I would show you a few fun things I brought home from our little Solana Beach shopping trip (with my friend that was visiting from Ohio) during our time in La Jolla last week. 

There were SO many fantastic things, I could have bought out the stores, but I used GREAT restraint, and only came home with a few little items, plus a really sweet gift from my girl Sheri. :-)

See that cute little chippy bee? I got two of them. They were on sale for $3 each! 
I am working on changing the large art over the center of the mantel. I will show you the whole thing when I find what I am looking for. 

My friend Sheri also surprised me with this cute little scissor and twine holder! 
Isn't it just the cutest thing ever? 
 She saw me ooh-ing and ahh-ing over this and snuck up to the counter to buy it for me! She's done that before. She's adorably sneaky that way! I need to stop swooning over things in front of her!

 Or...maybe I should take her car shopping...bwahahah!!! ;-)

 I also saw these fun little cement squirrels, and I thought they would be super cute to use in the fall.
 I wanted to unwrap them, and just see how they looked on my "new to me" antique cabinet at the top of my stairs. (The one that is still waiting to be re-finished). 
 I had planned to put them away until fall, but they are so cute and add a touch of whimsy that just makes me smile, so I have decided to leave them there for now.

 Can you believe that these little guys were only $4.95 a piece?

I think they look pretty cute! Don't look too closely at that shabby top of the cabinet. I'll get to it one day soon! 

Hope you are all having a great week! 
I'd better get going...
I have a few things to do to get the house and guest room ready for my sister.


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  1. WOW! some really adorable finds! i love the squirrels!

  2. I love everything you found on your trip. Those bees are so much fun on the wall. Have a great time with your sister!

  3. Oh how I wish I would have got the squirrels. Very cute. Leave them up!

  4. Lisa,
    just found you and have enjoyed browsing thru! Those bees are fabulous and the squirrels are perfect there! Great prices! I'm from Cal, my family's in Yorba Linda and I live right outside Nashville, funny, my sister lives out there and yours lives here! I know you guys will have a blast! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to visit me.

  5. PS.
    I'm following you on pinterest also, love your boards!


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