Monday, July 16, 2012

A Trip To La Jolla, and Shopping in Solana Beach

~ Good Morning, and Happy Monday! ~

Last week we went down south to La Jolla beach to meet one of my best friend's and her family who had flown in from Ohio for a family Vacation to San Diego. 

We had agreed to spend a couple of days together in La Jolla before they went off to San Diego to stay on Coronado Island for the remainder of their vacation. 

I met my friend Sheri almost 21 years ago in the lounge (rec room) of the United Airlines Flight Attendant training center. We were both from Cleveland, and our boyfriend's  ( a-hem - at the time...) knew each other. 
The rest is history, (as are the old boyfriend's...) but we've been friends ever since. We used to to to fly together often, and we have tons of great memories!! She is awesome! She came to California to spend time with me during my chemo 3 years ago, and she will always be like a sister to me.

I wish I had a good picture of us together on the airplane back in the day. I'm not sure why we didn't take many. I guess we were young, and thought it would last forever...

Anyhow, while we were in La Jolla, we took a little afternoon trip to Solana Beach and did some shopping in the Cedros Design District. It is one of my FAVORITE places to shop, and Sheri loved it too!

Our first stop was at one of the best stores in the design district, called Solo.
I love this place. It's a book store, and an antique slash home decor store all rolled into one.
Perfect combination!
Here is their website for location and more info.
 My favorite areas of this store are the ones filled with great vintage industrial items and antiques. They have some really fantastic things. There is also a mix of a few new items as well, that blend seemlessly  with the industrial vibe.

 Look at these cool light bulbs!!

 Loved this yard stick light!

 Cute little chalkboards. I have a chalkboard obsession.

 Cool vignette with old lab beakers and bottles.

 Vintage looking corkscrews.
They had some cute french looking dishes on an old metal topped table, with some really cool lighting hanging above.
And check out the stools below...

 Ironstone pots and jars.
 Cute pair of birds. Birds get me every time.
Apothecary Jars...

And vintage bottles.
 Love this sign, I sing this to my son all the time!

 Cool horse made from old metal, in this vignette. I cut off his head a bit. Sorry.
A whole wall of old gas pump facades. It looked so neat in person!
I loved this tufted settee.

It is such a cool place!! I thought my friend's head might explode with it all! :-)

Stay tuned for part two of the trip later this week.
If you are ever in the area, Cedros Design District in Solana Beach is a DO NOT MISS!

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds like you two had a blast!

    I'd love to feature this post on our San Diego-based site. Email me for details!

    shondra (at) dwellable (dot) com


  2. Replies
    1. You really need to check it out if you are ever down that way!


  3. glad that you had a wonderful time with your wonderful of her to come and help you 3 years ago when you needed her most....a sign of a true friend1
    Loved the pics that were available...many of them for some reason are blank....I will come back later to see if they "pop up".....Have a good one Lisa!

    1. Weird. I just checked it here again, and they all came up. I hope it's ok.
      Let me know...

      Thanks Shirley! Have a great day!

  4. Lisa...the pics just came up for me!!....I so love the store Solo....I would have been in lots of trouble with all those amazing things...from the yard stick lamp to those cool light bulbs!!...I am going to make a note in my travel the next time we are hopefully in the area, I definitely want to make a trip there...Great things! I so loved the picture of you and Sheri!

  5. Too funny, because when I first saw the picture of the two of you, I thought it WAS your sister!! LOL I so need to come out there and go shopping with you.

    1. We have heard that a lot over the years! Haha!

      Just let me know when! I would love to shop with you!!!


  6. Hi there, Lisa! I thought I had signed up for your blog, but after looking in on you, just now, i see that i didn't... anyway, this place looks fantastic. Brilliant! I want it all! OK, not all of it, but it certainly is a great find!
    Take care and thanks for your sweet note today!

    1. Barbara, I'm so glad you stopped in! I'm excited for you and your new venture!
      This store is only one of MANY great ones down in Solana Beach. It is a fantastic place!


  7. How nice that you and your friend were able to get together and especially that you will have pictures to remember that time when she returns home. I love the store you visited. What a fun place and obviously they have great STUFF!

    1. I completely agree! I treasure any time I can get with my sweet girlfriends!

      Hope all is well with you!


  8. Wow, what fantastic shops! Birds, industrial style... right up my alley! I'm definitely going to plan a day to go there and explore.

    1. Yes, it is awesome! There are many mire great stores on that street as well! It's a really fun day trip!


  9. Cool stuff in that shop and you and your friend do look like sisters.

    1. Haha! Thanks Kim! Back when we were 20 somethings, the crew schedulers at United would get us confused! We have had SUCH fun together over the years.
      Now we're just a couple of middle aged broads that still know how to make each other laugh!


  10. you ladies upstage all the rest of the lovely! gorgeous.

    hope you have a moment to drop by and do check out my giveaway on the sidebar.



  11. still my heart! I love that yardstick light and the enamel numbers! What a fun trip with a wonderful friend.


  12. Wow looks like there was tons of inspiration there! What a fun trip.


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