Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Yard Work

~ Hello Friends! ~

I hope you are having a nice weekend. 

I was very productive here yesterday! Mr W was at the military base for drill weekend, so the little guy acted as my trusty assistant out in the yard. 

We have a long wall that runs the entire length of our property on the one side of the house. 
It is covered in angel vine, that after 15 years of growth, has completely covered the wall, and needs to be trimmed back twice a year, at least. 

I used to let my yard guy handle it, but he really has just turned into the guy who cuts the grass, and blows away the clippings. I think he pretends not to see the bushes, hedges, and weeds in the flower beds. 

In any case, it gets me outside, since I can't stand to look at it after a bit...
Here was the wall yesterday before I started in on it...

 It was A LOT of work! We filled the entire green trash can with what came off of this wall. And I had to get in and jump up and down about five times to get it all to fit! ~ Craziness! 

And now, I'm gonna need a drumroll please...

These are the "after" shots.

It's kind of hard to tell because of the light, but believe me when I tell you that it's a huge improvement!

Next, I went around deadheading flowers, and weeding in the mulched beds. 
Then I cleaned the patio furniture and the grill. 

But there was something that was still really bugging me...
It kept giving me the stink eye. Mocking me, and taunting me with it's just out of my reach height.

But I don't give up easily. 
I went and got a ladder and an hand saw.

And I cut down that pesky dead palm branch that was (I kid you not,) as big as my car!
My mother would have killed me if she could have seen me standing on the top step of the ladder, hanging on to the tree with one hand, sawing that huge branch with the other, teetering on the "this is not a step" step of the ladder. Shhh...don't tell her!

 That back wall is almost 4 ft tall. The plants you see growing against them are grapevines that I'm trying to train to cover the wall and trellis'.

 See that pesky dead palm frond (taunting me) hanging there toward the back? There's one in the front too, but I'll need a jet pack to reach that one, and since it's higher up, it doesn't bother me as much.
 So here's the dead palm frond. I am not even lying, that thing is as long as my SUV! 
I (used all of my remaining strength, and) broke it into pieces, and stuffed it in the can. 
Oy! My back, hands and knees need a little TLC. 

Ok, I'll stop there, and spare you the knee shot! Haha! 

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 
I'm taking it a bit easier today, think I'll go shopping! 

See you tomorrow!


  1. You accomplished quite a lot. I love your covered wall. And yes, I would be on the ladder myself taking care of that branch. Not one to wait for someone else to do it!!

  2. Oh it is so hot here you can't stand to be outside. Your yard looks fabulous. The ivy wall looks amazing after the trim. Rest up. Hugs, Marty

  3. Girl, who needs a lawn guy when you're around. LOL Just reading everything you did made me plum tired. What a day. We all do those "I should know better" tasks. I'm glad you didn't have any major injuries. The wall does look better and more under control. If and when this heat wave ever ends, I have a lot of catch-up gardening to do in the yard, at least if anything has survived. :( xxoo, Barb

  4. You got so much done. Doesn't it feel good though even though you are achy all over?


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