Monday, August 12, 2013

Creating Vignettes - Using What You Have

Tell me...

Do you ever just find yourself puttering around the house re-arranging vignettes, and swapping out items from various places in your house, and/or adding in some natural elements with things
 gathered outdoors?

This seems to be one of my many addictions. 

Never can leave well enough alone. 

Must constantly tweak.

Does this sound like you too? Tell me that I'm not alone! 

This morning I was puttering around, drinking my latte, (thanks to my Nespresso machine) when I started fussing with the dining room table. 

I have A LOT of random ironstone around, so I pulled two pieces, and layered them with an odd mix of things I had on hand. 

I had some burlap ribbon, and some burlap I got as part of the SWAG from the Haven conference, and then I went outside and clipped some leaves from my Camellia bush. 

It's sort of rustic, and simple, but I like it. 

For now. 

 At first I had layered a scarf underneath. But I think it was just too busy. And even though I am NOT the queen of minimalism, I decided it needed to go.
 I also used a little piece of an old dictionary page under the spoons. 
Don't ask me why!?

 I have no idea why my mind works the way it does...

To see the book page wreath I made with the rest of the pages, click here.

But I think, things don't always have to make sense!! Sometimes it's fun to make something pretty out of nothing. 

Zero dollars. 

Sounds good to me!

Then I decided that I could use the dictionary pages in my little cloche on the sideboard.
 I had a thrifted pedestal dish, and ironstone bowl, and some collected shells and rocks from a beach day.
I ripped up the dictionary page and wrinkled it a little, and then arranged it in the bottom of the bowl, and laid the shells
on top. 


 Cute and simple.

This room gets a lot of light in the morning, which makes it impossible to get a good photo! 
I think it's enough to get the idea though. 

So then I had to fuss around with that large scarf/wrap I removed from the table vignette. 

Today it's sitting in a chair in the living room. 

The same chair that is patiently waiting to be reupholstered in a lovely brown and cream buffalo check.
Once I finally find the fabric...

 Sorry about the cruddy iPhone pictures! Plus, it's very hard to get a good shot with the light in here. 
This corner is a work in progress, but for now it holds the chair, my son's first pair of cowboy boots, (with more random dictionary pages rolled up inside) and a jar of feathers that holds a giant curved branch I drug home one day last year! 

The hubs just shakes his head when he sees me dragging this stuff inside. 

I love nature. What can I say?

So, as soon as I find the fabric I'm looking for, (Ballard USED to carry it...) the chair will go off to the upholsterer. 

Do you shop your house, and use organic items like twigs, rocks, leaves and shells in your vignettes?

Nothing like a new look! And it was free!

Don't be surprised if it changes tomorrow!

Have a great week, everyone! 


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  1. Love what you've done! I love books, so the pages are a perfect addition. His little boots are so sweet. What an awesome way to display them.

    1. Aww, thanks! I know, I loooove his little boots! He had a western day in pre-school, so I bought them for him then. It is so amazing how fast he is growing up! He will be heading to first grade in Sept. *Tear drops* are on the way!


  2. Beautiful vignettes Lisa...I so love your son's cute cowboy boots!!...and do you have a secret of growing ivy in the house...Mine always get very dry no matter what I do....your ivy topiary is so beautiful!

    1. Hi Shirley! Thank you!! Ok, so my secret is to move them to the sink when watering, (no more than every 7-10 days,) and really saturate it, then let drain. - But also, I use a little spray bottle with a drop of Dawn dish liquid and I spritz the whole plant before I put it back. I leaned that from a friend who says it helps keep the plant leaves moist and mites away. --Who knew?!

      Hope you are well!

  3. Your vignettes are beautiful always sweet friend! You do have pretty things too, along with your lovely home! Have a sweet week.

  4. Great pictures and vignettes. I love the burlap added to the tablesetting and the rocks are so simple and pretty. Gorgeous chair vignette too. Beautifully done. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party that is ongoing. Hugs, Marty

    1. Thanks so much, Marty! I went over and linked right up! I'm a tad bit behind this week. ;-)
      Hope you are well!

  5. Your vignettes look great, and I love the one with your chair in it.


  6. Love the vignette! Oh and those boots are just too cute!

  7. I needed this post. Thank you so much!


I love reading all of your thoughtful comments!