Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Green Monster, a Strange Dog, and Boots that Don't Walk.

Hello all! Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday was such a fabulous day, after hearing that I was given the Liebster, I also found out that I won the $50 Kirkland's gift card from the giveaway over at Savvy Southern Style! (She has a really fun blog, go check her out, I'll wait!) I told you! Fantastic blog, right?

Anyhoo... today I am starting the day with a Green Monster, 
 It's non-fat greek unsweetened yogurt, organic pomegranate juice, 2 fist fulls of organic baby spinach, a cup or so of frozen organic blueberries, and 3 or 4 slices of organic frozen peaches. Oh, and a squeeze of local honey, just to sweeten a bit.

 It's really delicious, and trust me, you CAN NOT taste the spinach!

Now, about that strange dog... we had to say goodbye to our beloved 10 year old golden retriever Libby a few months ago (R.I.P. , sweet girl), and it has been a huge adjustment not to have a dog in the house!
I was out at Home Goods not long ago, and saw the quirkiest dog statue, and for some reason, I wanted it to come home with me and sit on the staircase. Mind you, I have never bought a statue before. EVER.
But here is our new dog, and so far, she has not shed at all! ;-)
 See? I told you she was strange! I have NO earthly idea why I was determined to bring her home!
 Maybe for the whimsy? She has really weird ears. They look almost human. Hehe.
 But still, there she sits. In Libby's old spot. Maybe it just made me sad to have to look at the empty space that Libby used to like to occupy. Or, maybe a strange looking dog statue just makes me smile... 

This was our sweet Liberty Bell just a few days before she passed away. See? She's much prettier. (No offense, quirky statue dog.) 
 And finally, my boots that don't walk. I spotted these in one of my local antique stores, and fell in love with them. I plan for them to hold vintage umbrellas, but for now, I filled them with a few sticks.

I am on the lookout for some vintage umbrellas, and a fun little bench to fill the empty spot to the left, that I purposely cut out of the pic. ;-)

Hope you are all having a fabulous day! I am getting ready for my parents to fly in from Nashville for a visit tomorrow! So excited! Better go get those chores done!


  1. Well, I like spinach and the green monster is very pretty! So is Liberty Bell and what a nice memorial to her to give a dog a home that needs one. Enjoy your parent's visit!

    1. Thanks Kerry! We sure loved our Libby, but this one requires no food, water, walks, or cleaning up after! ;-)

  2. Love the doggy statue thingy! Love the boots with sticks! Not sure about the green monster! But it is pretty!
    Have fun with your parents!

    1. Haha! You would like the green monster! Everyone that I have made it for has loved it. I swear, you can't taste the spinach!

  3. So sorry about your loss ... I know too well how hard it is to lose a beloved family pet.

    And they say you shouldn't get the same breed the next time around (though we did) ... but that strange dog you picked up at Home Goods certainly does not anything like the lovely and fluffy Liberty Bell!


    1. Thanks Linda. It is very hard. We have had two golden retrievers. So we stayed with the same breed, but maybe next time we will rescue? Not sure yet. As much as I miss my dog, there is a lot more freedom, and no dog hair to clean. It's quite a difference. We may wait another year or so until my son is 6. He is asking for another already though, so we will see!


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